Bob Sinclar - Paris By Night

A major artist of the electro-house scene and pioneer of the French touch, Bob Sinclar is back with 'Paris by Night' – A Parisian Musical Experience, a new project that is both innovative and explosive. This opus, produced by his label Yellow Productions, is a multi-artist project driven by young talent, in a style that is pure Bob Sinclar: a perfect blend of genres and epochs, for a result that is definitive clubbing.

It includes very different sounds, especially in a burlesque and cabaret tone. It’s a zany universe combined with DJ music.” - Bob Sinclar

Check out the tracklisting below and the naked beach party vibes in the video ;-)

  1. Bob Sinclar - Summer Moonlight
  2. Bob Sinclar – Groupie
  3. Bob Sinclar feat. Mr Shammi - No No No No (Nicolas Monier & Trackstorm Remix)
  4. Bob Sinclar & Erik Hagleton - Gipsymen
  5. Bob Sinclar & Mark O Mariotti - C’est La Vie
  6. Bob Sinclar & Raffaella Carra - Far L’Amore
  7. Bob Sinclar & Erik Hagleton - Russian Groove
  8. Fabrice Dayan & Peter Nalitch - My Guitar
  9. Bob Sinclar - Paris by night (Je cherche après Titine)
  10. Nick & Danny Chatelain and Bob Sinclar - Mambo Explosion
  11. Bob Sinclar - Sea Lion Woman
  12. Erik Hagleton - Together Forever
  13. Bob Sinclar - Samba in hell (Erik Hagleton Remix)
  14. Bob Sinclar vs Garrett & Ojelay - Let Me Tell U Something
  15. Bob Sinclar - Cinderella (She said her name)