Remixes From The Birdman Arrive!

October 24th saw the release of Claude VonStroke's second artist album 'Bird Brain'. In true CVS style, the music is a diverse menagerie of sounds and samples. Many provided by the man himself.

One of the main tracks from 'Bird Brain' is 'Beat That Bird,' a riff on the classic Johnny Dangerous houser ‘Beat That Bitch’, is interjected with humorous, freaky
bird noises. It bursts with kinetic dancefloor funk and unexpected twists ‘n’ turns, from the sudden, cinematic dubstep-style breakdown and menacing guitar of the former to the drum lunges and stuttering synth buzz of ‘Beat That Bird’.

Guess what? The Beat that Bird EP has just been released on iTunes TODAY, with five total tracks and three fresh new remixes to this classic!

Download them on iTunes here!