Tune Of The Week: Lincoln Jesser - In My Place

Out of the sun soaked sands of the Southern California desert comes Lincoln Jesser, an artist/producer who combines melancholia, euphoria, and honesty to create tight dance pop records as conducive to long solo car rides as they are to prime time festival stages. Born and raised minutes from what would become the famed Coachella Music Festival, Lincoln gravitated towards music at a young age, and gradually worked his way from simple guitar songs to indie rock bands to electronic music after being spiritually and artistically awakened by legends across the musical spectrum, from The Strokes and The Killers to Daft Punk and Justice.

Determined to realize his potential, Lincoln declined an acceptance to study Economics at Yale University, instead moving to LA and quickly linking up with management powerhouse Indie Pop. Since then, Lincoln has steadily built up internet momentum, repeatedly topping the Hype Machine popular charts and garnering millions of plays of songs off his 2014 debut LP, Modern Color, such as "We'll Be Fine" "Something Right" "Tops" and "Wicked Son," to name a few.

Now, Lincoln is looking toward the future, working on what he feels is his best collection of music to date. His new single, " In My Place" drops on Astrx/Ministry of Sound on June 5, 2015. The track has already reached #3 on Hype Machine and Lincoln has just debuted the stunning video, starring dancer Franchesca Bass.

In My Place is out now on iTunes