Tune of the Week: Otosan - Lights feat. Metoyer

'Lights', the latest release from Otosan, is an upfront feel good house banger arriving just in time for the summer. Auckland singer Metoyer delivers an infectious vocal melody that is sure to fire up dance floors the world over. Before forming Otosan this year, producers Ryan Dickinson and Ultan Burke had been making and releasing music separately under various names for over a decade. Joining forces as Otosan, the duo have already racked up some impressive streaming and radio play numbers, with their last single 'Do You Feel It' clocking over half a million Spotify plays since release.

Otosan explain how the latest track came together: "Metoyer came to us to with an idea to make a track that highlighted some of issues females face when they attend events - the assumption that females only attend events to "hook up" rather than the true reason which is to experience real music with full production…just like everyone else!"

'Lights' is now available for Stream and Download