WATCH: Freaks Goes Viral

While Timmy Trumpet and Savage's hit 2014 single Freaks went quadruple platinum in Australia last year with chart success in North America and Europe, there's no one else to thank other than the Father and Son viral video When Mama Isn't Home. Clocking up over 60 million views across multiple platforms worldwide, and receiving many parody remakes all across Youtube, you can say that Timmy and Savage's Freaks has officially gone viral.

Take a peak at some of our favourite parodies, remakes and a cover from Aussie landmark four piece, Human Nature.

The original troll.

That time Timmy Trumpet invaded Russ (Father) and son Toby's house to play live on national television.

Freaks takes over American college with When The Principal Isn't Here.

Turn up the high school marching bands.

Seems Timmy has invaded Russian television.

Timmy takes over Greece with a Bouzouki cover.

Freaks just gets freakier from here. Horse head and Jason mask not included.

When Mom isn't home for Bassoon and Gamecubes . The title speaks for itself.

Aussie Motown legends Human Nature took Freaks to a new note with their live cover on Nova FM.

And just in case you had some time to kill, here's the 10 hour version.

Timmy Trumpet & Savage's Freaks is available to download on iTunes now.