Who Is Harmonica Boy?

Once upon a time riding the country line, there was a man who was hailed as the Harmonica Boy. After trading songs for sponge baths and armed with nothing but a foot full of blisters, denim overalls, and his trusty ol' music maker, the Harmonica Boy was on his 'boot scootin' quest to tell the world how to 'dance with somebody'. City to City, Country to Country the Harmonica Boy was doing his thing, playing his tobacco chewing heart out, when he developed a tune so catchy that it took the world by storm. Enter – 'Harmonica Boy (Dance With Somebody), a track filled with an infectious rhythm of harmonica that was built to get everybody moving through one simple step – 'take your right hand and put it on your partners hip'. The rest is history as this modern day Joe Dirt produced what would be the 'Cotton Eyed Joe' of 2015. With international stardom imminent, Harmonica boy is bound to fulfil his life-long dream of making everybody dance. So dust off your denim overalls and have a swig of moonshine and get down to the tune of the Harmonica Boy.

Update: We are currently trying to track down the Harmonica Boy, he was last seen pictured in the video below.

Harmonica Boy (Dance With Somebody) is out on Friday 21st August.