Bird Brain

November 20th sees the release of Claude VonStroke's second artist album 'Bird Brain'. In true CVS style, the music is a diverse menagerie of sounds and samples. Many provided by the man himself.

CVS's 2007 debut album 'Beware Of The Bird' was an instant hit, and released on his own 'dirtybird' imprint. Since then the label's sound has grown to be so distinctive that many productions are now labeled with the 'dirtybird sound' tag.

So what can u expect from 'Bird Brain'? Well, he's taken the ready and rough edged sounds from the first album and sanded them smooth. But do not fear CVS lovers. The album is chock full of dirty, slutty, dank, funny and giggling cuts. Just with a smoother overall vibe. Less axe murdering breakdowns, but with all the quirky madness still intact. Lets call it 'VonStroke 2.0'.

The diversity of the album is refreshing. Heavy jackin', ultra-deep, nasty funk and inventive arrangements are all present, as are legends (Bootsy Collins) and friends (Justin Martin & J Phlip). Creating a complete guide to the musical mind of Claude VonStroke.

As with his debut, Claude VonStroke's 'Bird Brain' is a must own piece of work, that expertly blurs the lines between the 'headz only' sounds of the underground, and music that your everyday 'non-dance' friends can enjoy. So few producers can tread that line with the ease of our San-Fran friend, and it is this skill, that of course, makes him King of the Dirty Birds!