Less than a year since he served up his third album Urban Animal, Claude VonStroke delivers more brand new original material.

Based on the personal experience of starting at the bottom selling fake perfume out of the trunk of his car, CaliFuture foretells the sunny-sided ironies experienced by the legions of fame and heat-seekers who head out to the Golden State each year in the pursuit of ‘The Dream’.

The barbed Bootsy-style falsetto narrative comes from VonStroke’s close friend Barry Drift – who you may recognise from Urban Animal’s ‘Sugar & Cinnamon’ – and his sermon is complemented by an obese acid groove that thunders unrelentingly beneath. Fluctuating analogue funk, it taps into the deepest tech DNA with a lava-like flow. Instantly infectious (like all the best acid tracks) the groove carries so much weight we’ve included a dub version, too.

A finer insight into the dark and devious mind of the dirtybird boss-man you will not find. The question is: did his hard pre-fame Cali slog create this twisted mindset… Or was it already in place before he got there?