Here You're Mine

POOLCLVB have a tight noose around everything that's cool in house music right now. With support from names like Nina Las Vegas, Nicky Night Time, Golden Features, Hayden James and PACES the POOLCLVB guest list is getting longer and the party has only just begun.

Infectious vocals, full-bodied basslines, and mesmerising hooks is a POOLCLVB way of business. It's dancefloor-primed house music which has already been showcased on remixes for Motez, Kilter, Tube & Berger and Micky Kojak. Backed by the nostalgic and carefree inspiration from the 90's, POOLCLVB keep it fresh & fruity, every time.

On their first journey off the back streets of Venice Beach, POOLCLVB enlist the vocal prowess of Erin Marshall who delivers the word, some real warm love, to this bumping hooked-up instrumental. Here You're Mine is a classic slice for the future sound of house music...already backed by, we warmly welcome them to the floor.