German Brigante - Chronicles EP

His name is German, he comes from Spain, but his music will take you to another planet. German Brigante is a DJ and producer who crafts infectiously groovy electronic music; combining layered progression, jungle-beat drums, and dark bass lines, he creates a brand of house music that is both unique and extremely dancefloor friendly. After receiving a few demos it was hard to pick a favorite, so we signed a full EP, "Chronicles".

Fresh off his critically acclaimed album for Get Physical, he follows up with three brilliant tracks that feature his unique sound that we can't get enough of. "Noose" is a monster with a rumbling low end bassline and the right touch of pads to keep it moving. "The Brigante Chronicles" goes in a dark direction with a sustained bass that you can feel in your bones. He rounds it out with "Samoa", which is a no frills bomb—jacking beats, rolling bass, and vocal bits that work anytime of the night.

The Chronicles EP is out on iTunes now.