Fisher debuted "Ya Kidding" at the beginning of the Summer and it took a life of it's own. It was perpetually in

the top 10 for months, one of the most Shazamed tracks in Ibiza & UK through the festival season, took over

multiple chart positions around the globe, and included an official video featuring an epic shoe-off, it became

one of the biggest songs of 2017. With a track that strong as your first record, it was going to be a hard act to


Fortunately, Fisher's sophomore release "Oi Oi" puts all those fears to rest. Leading off the EP is "Stop

It"-the already infamous 'roller coaster song' that fans ask us about daily. The marriage of the track's bassline

and one sentence verse combine for an attention-grabbing single that raises the energy exponentially no

matter where it's played. "Ya Didn't" adds a funky bass bounce to a heavy synth stab, and a big buildup that

cements Fisher's reputation as a monster of the party.

'Oi Oi' is available to Stream & Download NOW