Jaysounds - Nightfall

JaySounds unveils the final pieces to his Nightfall EP. Accompanying the successful club singles 'Wasted feat.

Enya Angel' & 'Crooked feat Kwame', Jay unveils Only U & Legion.

Jay writes: "To me, Only U is my finest example of 'Warehouse Bass'. I started with the drop, but it felt like the

track needed a theme. 'Cos it's Only U & Me' is almost a love story, but in its darkest, most messed up form


I've been opening my sets with 'Legion' for a little while now and it felt rude to leave it off this EP. The cinematic

theme in this track reminded me of a legion of soldiers and I wanted to demonstrate a clear contrast between

real music in the breaks and dark, dirty drops."

'Nightfall' is available to Stream & Download NOW