JNTHN STEIN - Everything Is A Drug

Brookyln-based producer and multi-instrumentalist JNTHN STEIN returns with the first single from his forthcoming EP, 'Everything Is A Drug'. An experimental fusion of jazz piano, blues guitar and off beat rhythms come together in unison, all produced, recorded and performed by the man himself.

The track kicks off with STEIN's deft Rhodes-esque chords dominating the soundscape, instantly setting a contemplative and sombre mood. As the track builds with vocal hums and clicks, a psychedelic orchestra comes to fruition, meticulously constructed by STEIN. A mélange of instruments keep the tension taut before the first beat is dropped, suddenly switching into a cymbal crashing build that borrows from jazz, blues and R&B influences to create something truly unique. Finally STEIN's titular vocal refrain denotes the final act, emblazoned with a searing guitar solo that makes for a brazen topline guiding the arrangement towards the track's final and literal exhale.

'Everything Is A Drug' is available to Stream and Download now