ALIUS X Un-Ti - Caught Up

Melbourne producer/songwriter ALIUS has built a sizeable following with finely crafted electronic pop records like Impossible to Love You & Fraction. Now, expertly combining elements of pop and electronica he joins with NSW Central Coast trio Un-Ti to bring to life a truly authentic & anthemic crossover moment with their delightfully dreamy summer jam Caught Up. ALIUS a Melbourne producer (now based on Stockholm) has built a sizeable following through his recent string of releases, accruing combined streams of 10million + in just the past 12 months mainly out of Scandinavia; no small feat for a relatively unknown producer from Melbourne, and has subsequently built a touring footprint for himself through Scandinavia and been signed to Ocean Music overseas.

Lyrically boldand honest, Caught Up isa tale of love, lust, vulnerability and teenage house party intrigue, with the Un-Ti guys' candid vocal and distinct guitar line setting up an anthemic electronic drop that squares this one away as a homegrown hit-in-the-making.

'Caught Up' is now available for Stream & Download