BRUX - Paper Boy

Stepping out of the shadows and into a universe of punchy kick drums and mischievous vocals, Sydney's BRUX today delivers her debut single Im Back with a meticulous sound design that builds into a weaving rollercoaster of jarring bass and sharp rhymes on the club-ready electronic single, the first in a procession of etcetc releases.

I'm Back swirls around deep techno-laced beats and synthesizers, to create a turbulent force of brooding rhythms. Alongside the dichotomous and inverted vocals that dance between dark and light, BRUX presents "I'm Back" as a sonic feast that draws us deep into its wayward world of mystic energy and abrasive emotion that one cannot help but succumb to. Appearing on the artwork is a 3D rendering of BRUX re-imagined as The Empress, a tarot card often associated with feminine power and creative energy, that translates directly to I'm Back, as explained by BRUX herself:

"I wanted to demonstrate role reversal in the way that women are sexualised as objects and talked about crudely by men in a lot of today's music...I did the same, but from a woman's perspective."

'Paper Boy' is now available for Stream & Download