Deutsch Duke - So Real

A groove wrapped around a melody wrapped around a memory. A voice that makes you feel something real. Light, swirling textures grounded by bass lines with power and purpose—bass lines that push you forward. Deutsch Duke's free-range take on electronica is the soundtrack to the moments that matter.

The first release from new Australian indie label Risqué Music lands this Friday, with the new single from acclaimed Australian singer, songwriter and producer Deutsch Duke (Dennis Dowlut). With his soulful voice familiar to audiences from his work with Set Mo (White Dress), MUTO (Wildfire) and Flight Facilities (Down To Earth), Deutsch Duke has now channelled his evocative and atmospheric electronica into his solo work. An expression of cathartic release, first single 'So Real' is delivered with the vocal prowess and lightness of touch that is fast becoming Deutsch Duke's calling card and this will be followed up by a mixtape dropping in mid-2018.

From old school soul through to hip hop, pop, funk and rock, Dennis Dowlut has traversed genres as a producer, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist. Full of unexpected trials, unlooked for success and sharp left turns, Dennis learned to follow his instincts on a trajectory through the industry which has been anything but typical.

Back in 2005, having landed a record deal with his brother Darren, Dennis was on the ground in LA and primed to launch a career in the States when Darren was diagnosed with a virulent cancer, which would soon claim his life. Both the devastating loss and cherished memory of his brother have had a profound impact on Dennis' music and decision making ever since.

"I wrote 'So Real' about Darren—it's about loss. When my son was born, I went through this whole grieving process again, realising that Darren would never know him."

"Remember me, remember me" - the warped vocal refrain loops into infinity, threatening to hold us in the moment forever before the chorus - full, free and more than a little wild - releases us. Lifts us. We join the forward march of synth and bass and look up into the sky, look forward into the future.

Aesthetic forms an important aspect of Dennis' creative output, and the music video for 'So Real', directed by Jonathan Vassallo, features his son Bastien in the ultimate freedom of nature—a creative way to forever connect two of the people he loves most.

The power to heal, to travel back in time, the power to hope, to escape, to communicate, to love… it's all in there, in between the chords. Deutsch Duke's music may be a smooth cruise to the ears, but its impact runs deep.