Fever Ray - Wanna Sip

'Wanna Sip' is the opening track from Fever Ray's long-awaited sophomore album 'Plunge'. Eight years is a long time and the transition of Karin Dreijer are evident in the spectral electronica, and the hauntingly beautiful record about death, depression and motherhood.

Non-conformance of gender stereotypes and sexually-charged language drive the themes of the album, which are no less evident in 'Wanna Sip' "I'm kinda hooked on your scent," she sings on the frantic track. "Something made a little opening / I wanna come inside."

Swedish producer Sissel Wincent delivers a very rare remix for Fever Ray. An industrial techno vision concurrent with the remerging art scene emanating in tastemaker pockets around the world. Sissel Wincent part of the Drömfakulteten collective, a group founded to promote and support the work of women and trans in electronic music.