Jordan Burns - Voyage

Diversity's the word when it comes to beach-going Aussie beat maker Jordan Burns.

Determined not to be pigeonholed, Burns creates music for both sides of your soul. Energetically ricocheting between light and dark house he hits a sweet spot, satisfying the ears with smooth melodies before feeding our inner beast with savage, nose-scrunching bass lines.Homegrown heroes like Ajax coloured Jordan's first introduction to the world of dance music, however it wasn't until he hit the clubs in person that inspiration truly struck. "Before I turned 18 I was very into bands and guitar… but when I started clubbing I realised I didn't need a band, I could create everything by myself with a computer—it blew my mind."

Highly motivated and willfully independent, once Burns discovered he could carve a space in the industry on his own he wasted no time, diving head first into the world of electronic production, and the beat hasn't stopped rolling since.

Voyage is complete with its classic energy ricocheting between light and dark house that he masters to satisfy the ears with his heavy bass-line.

'Voyage' is now available for Stream & Download