The Potbelleez - Keep On Loving (Remixs)

One of Australia's most loved dance acts, The Potbelleez are back to their anthemic best with their new single 'Keep On Loving'. With powerful vocals from lead singer, Ilan Kidron, combined with guitars that hark back to their biggest hit, 'Don't Hold Back', 'Keep On Loving' hits dancefloors just in time for summer. Accompanying the original is a driving tech house version from Alex Preston and some super smooth house flavours from exciting newcomer Hawksburn.

Ilan explains how the track came together: "We fired up the studio and this number sort of cooked itself. Nothing was planned, but from the beginning 'Keep On Loving' just fell right in the pocket. It's not often that you get to use the full range of your voice on a track and there were times where apparently I'd make Fight Club faces reaching the big notes. We had a great laugh doing what turned out to be a pretty serious track. We love music for that. What can sound like a raging summer festival explosion on the outside, therein lies a delicate but quietly hopeful, tender little song when you look in."