Ministry of Sound Testament Wrap Up

Thank you to each and every one of you for making our first ever national Testament tour such a special event – seeing this come together, your wonderful smiles, amazing artists.. it’s why we do what we do!


Over the decades pockets of dimly lit, late night, often secretive locations around the country provided the backdrop to the cathartic ritual of dance. From Australia’s acid house infancy to the many reinventions of rave through the 90s and the peak of 00s nightlife, communities were formed on the dancefloor, cemented over deep 4am conversations had in the safety of a likeminded hive of excitement, escape and elation. This unmatched era of nightlife has become the stuff of folklore and legend.


TESTAMENT pays tribute to the sounds and the people of this club generation, and the vibrant late-night cities and cultures across the country which they cultivated. We are honoured to have 80+ legendary local artists of the era represent the Testament tour – the faces and names who are as much a part of the fabric of this iconic era of clubbing as the huge internationals.